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We’re Spilling the Tea…


We are excited to announce Open fArms Retreat and Route 2 Roots Wellness are partnering to offer a 2024/2025 Ancestral Reclamation Herbal Immersion Program (ARHI) serving residents of Masschuetts and Rhode Island. Our intention is to add to our local wellness ecosystem by offering hands-on workshops that center growing practices, everyday uses of locally grown medicinal and culinary herbs, and the innovative ways our African/ African American ancestors used these plants to care for their communities and the usefulness and wisdom they still offer communities today. This herbal education program will highlight the rich legacy of food as medicine for the prevention of disease, herbs as allies to social justice movements, and plants as guides to personal growth and development and communal empowerment.

Who Are We?

Open fArms Retreat is a sanctuary and place of rest for those seeking healing within the natural world, while creating a space to teach youth and communities in Rhode Island sustainable herbal farming practices. 


Route 2 Roots Wellness is a radical self-care movement rooted in the reclamation of ancestral practices, the prioritization of play, and healing from emotional insobriety and high functioning stress as a lifestyle.

Join Us

On September 17th, we will be hosting an Herbal Mocktail Fundraiser for our ARHI Program to offset costs and raise scholarships to increase access for BIPOC participants.. 

 Guests will have the opportunity to mingle, enjoy delicious herbal mocktails prepared by fellow herbalists and members of our community and hear a traditional story teller speak about the impact and connection plants have to our healing.

We would greatly appreciate it if you would consider sponsoring the ARHI and attending the fundraiser, where you will have a glimpse of the impact of your contribution firsthand. Suggested tiers of sponsorship are listed on the attached handout. 

Thank you for your support, and we hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.

A big thank you to our fiscal sponsor:









Please select “Open fArms Retreat Program” from the “Use this donation for” drop down menu.

We're working on updating the language to reflect the name of our program:

Ancestral Reclamation Herbal Immersion Program

Suggested Donation Levels

Big Tier - $5000

2nd Tier - full scholarship for 1 person - $3100

3rd Tier - $1000

4th Tier - $500

Individual Level - $100

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