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Initial  Retreat Visit: $200

Initial 2 hour Liberation  - Settle in with a guided meditation and farm tour, heal through a 60 minutes deep tissue or craniosacral treatment, Connect  with nature while you enjoy your 30 minutes hot tub soak and/or steam in our solid cedar sauna. Herb and vegetable  included.

Follow-up visit: Bodywork & spa access - $150

Includes 60 minutes body work & 30 minutes sauna/ hot tub time

Bodywork only - Deep Tissue or Craniosacral Therapy - $105

60 minutes to relax and heal

Nature Liberation for groups of 2-3* $150/person

This liberation for you and your group will allow for a deep  connection with the natural world. A guided meditation and tour of the herb and vegetable gardens will delight your senses. 

Includes 30 minutes body work and 30 minute soak and/or steam. Herb and vegetable bag included.

*Can accommodate groups of 4-10. Call for details.

Seasonal 3 Month Membership - $300/month

Includes two 60 minute bodywork sessions with 30 minute steam & soak and one private meditation each month.

Private Guided Meditation - $45

Book a private guided meditation to improve sleep, restfulness and connection to the natural world. Can be  booked as a distance meditation call to inquire.  - 30 min

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